Monday, April 1, 2013

Petar Barišić, Gluho Zvono / Deaf Bell, Crkva Sv. Donata u Zadru, Croatia, 2011


  1. Interesting. Could you please give more information? (e.g. the artist's name, the year of the installation etc). Thank you.

  2. The work is by Petar Barišić and is called 'Gluho Zvono' in Croatian. It is featured in a catalogue called "Tertium Organum - Zadar, Croatia 29 May - 6 June 2011" published by the Department of Art History at the University of Zadar.
    The following is an excerpt from the English introduction by Robert Bacalja:
    "In the end the project was finalized by Petar Barišić's huge project 'Deaf Bell.'... The big pendulum dividing the St. Donat in two swinging from one apse to the other looked like it was plunging into the history of the building but also the history of the passing of time...."

  3. see the bell in action here: