Friday, November 5, 2010

Zoning Sacred Space

I. Presence and Absence in Ritual-Aesthetic Events: icons and objects of Devotion 
      I-A. Miraculous Presence

      I-B Represented Presence - static

      I-C Represented Presence -  dynamic

      I-D Suggested Presence/Absence

II. The content of ritual-aesthetic events 

     II-A. Representing Narrative

     II-B. Performing a Narrative

     II-C. Symbolism

     II-D Text 

III. The context for Ritual-Aesthetic Events

     III-A. Participation

     III-B Volume: the void

     III-C. Matter: the organic material

      III-D. Form

IV. The Presentation of Ritual-Aesthetic Events
     IV-A. invitation

     IV-B. Commemoration

     IV-C. Interrogation

     IV-D. Suspicion